Conversation avec Blanchot. Je lui dis: l’expérience intérieure n’a ni but, ni autorité, qui la justifient. Si je fais sauter, éclater le souci d’un but, d’une autorité, du moins subsiste-t-il un vide. Blanchot me rappelle que but, autorité sont des exigences de la pensée discursive; j’insiste, décrivant l’expérience sous la forme donnée en dernier lieu, […]

L’expérience est la mise en question (à l’épreuve), dans la fièvre et l’angoisse, de ce qu’un homme sait du fait d’être. Que dans cette fièvre il ait quelque appréhension que ce soit, il ne peut dire: “j’ai vu ceci, ce que j’ai vu est tel”; il ne peut dire: “j’ai vu Dieu, l’absolu ou le […]

There is no task as urgent for us as to learn daily how to die, but our knowledge of death is not increased by the renunciation of life; only the ripe fruit of the here and now that has been seized and bitten into will spread its indescribable taste in us. — Rainer Maria Rilke, […]

A major difference between Iranian and Western cinema is that in the West, the evolution of cinema began with paintings, then photography…it was a progression through image….But in the East, our tradition of the Persian miniature did not really affect our cinema. At the beginning of the Islamic era, paintings and drawings were discouraged. So […]

I mean that I am limited, that I don’t represent “everything” or “all”; that I have a small world of my own and I work within it. Anyone who claims to be international or global, is a fool. The whole idea of globality is silly. Or maybe even evil. The only way to reach everybody, […]